Photography guides


You ask the questions and I do my best to answer them, here’s my guide going over how to do macro photography on a budget whilst getting good results.
I’ve trialed and errored lots of different ways e.g. reversal tubes. But I’ve given you the best result I could find

Behind the scenes

Join me as I go out photographing the landscapes and wildlife in the Lake District.
Here’s a video climbing up Coniston Old Man, the aim was to go down to the mines but there was a cloud inversion at the top as the sun was setting which worked out better than planned

Learn from my mistakes


I like to try new ideas out every now and again, sometime they go well sometimes they don’t. Each time you learn something new and hopefully don’t make the same mistakes again.
I picked up a Lee Little stopper, here’s one of the 1st trips out with it working out when the best time to use it is.

 Equipment reviews


You asked about what camera bag I use so here’s the video going over all of the pros and cons.

I don’t often get new equipment but let me know if there’s anything you’d like to be reviewed