Woodland Photography In The Mist | Grizedale Forest

Woodland Photography In The Mist | Grizedale Forest

A few weeks ago I went into Grizedale forest to scout out some new locations for winter/foggy conditions. I always struggle with woodland photography so having some places picked out ready helps me out a lot. I wanted to get the weird building in the woods, a tree next to a stone wall and then see what else I could find

I spotted a spiders web in a log on the side of the path. I think it caught my eye because the white web stood out against the dark inside the log. I put the macro lens on to the camera and then framed up the photo. There was a slight breeze making it a bit tricky as the shallow depth of field meant I needed a small aperture. Meaning a higher ISO than I would like but that was the only real option available

woodland photography in the mist 2

After the web, I moved up to the tree. I’d scouted out the front view of the wall below the tree. I liked to composition but it felt like there may be other options so I then headed to the other side.

woodland photography in the mist 3

This angle worked out better for me. Not sure why I didn’t scout out this angle the first time but sometimes you miss things. The wall created a bit of a wave shape. Rising up and down with the mist in the trees above with the branches sticking up into it

woodland photography in the mist 5

After getting the composition I was happy with I headed to the weird looking building. Unfortunately, the mist didn’t match up with my expectations so my heart wasn’t in this. If I hadn’t said in the video that this was the plan this photo would never have happened. Not everything goes to plan.

After this, I headed to a track where I’d seen deer footprints with the hopes that they be wandering through the woods. You could hear something walking through the woods but unfortunately, I think I scared them away. Fortunately that meant I headed out of the woods, to get a view that wasn’t part of the plan

woodland photography in the mist 6


Initially, you couldn’t see anything other than white so I got a photo of a tree sticking out from the hillside. A silhouette in the sky against the fog. I thought this was going to be “the view” from this location but it slowly started to clear opening up the view over the trees

woodland photography in the mist 7

There are a few tracks in Grizedale, this was helped with the composition as it snaked down the hill towards the Christmassy trees and mist that was passing through the sky

woodland photography in the mist 8

I swapped over to the 100mm lens and focused on the mist floating through and over the treetops. It was moving quickly so I dropped the shutter speed a little bit slower to capture some of the movement adding more highlights and emphasizing the shadows

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