Windy at the top. Dow Crag | The Lake District



Dow Crag. Lake District Photography

It’s been a while since I last managed to do a decent sized walk so I decided to head to Coniston to go up the old man or Dow Crag. We recently got some snow in the Lake District so I wanted to make the most of that plus I was just getting over a flu and Dow crag’s quite a easy climb, it seemed like the best thing to do.

The plan was to climb up Dow crag and then photograph the sunset from the top so I packed a torch just in case I had to climb down in the dark.

Sheep sheltering on Dow Crag

I spotted these sheep in the longer grass sheltering from the wind with Dow Crag in the background. You can’t really tell how strong the wind was in the photo but it was pretty horrible. I climbed down to the river so that I could look up at the sheep and rock face to make them a little more imposing.

The cross road on Dow crag, The Lake District

I kept on climbing and the wind kept on getting stronger, the view looking back over the snow with the crossroad and tracks caught my eye enough to stop and get the camera back out and frame up the photo. A few minutes after the first photo a fell runner came past so I grabbed a photo of him on the track. The hill didn’t feel that big whilst climbing but the man quickly got smaller and smaller.

running down Dow Crag

There aren’t too many places to hide once you get to the top. I had a quick break/drink in the horseshoe shaped shelter at the end of Dow crag and then made my way along the horizon. Looking back I got a nice view over Blind tarn and out over the sea as the light was starting to change colour. From here I climbed up to the top and then circled my way down via Goats Hause and Goats water. You can see the full walk in my vlog, I’ll add it to the bottom of this page.