How To Get Ticks And How I Remove Them Wildlife Photography

Getting bit by ticks and Wildlife photography, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand for me. In the past, I have quickly dealt with them off camera but during a recent vlog I mentioned them and later that day got bit by one and filmed what they look like and how I remove them.


I got bit whilst out photographing deer, you can see that in this video


I’m no expert so I’ve done some research and here are some useful links about Lyme disease and ticks.

How ticks dig in

Whilst doing research I stumbled upon this video by Deep Look. It made me dislike ticks even more than before

They have also written an article going into more detail about Lyme disease and it goes into way more detail than I ever could. Read it here

Tools used to remove ticks

Prevent being bitten

Wearing long pants / clothing and using insect repellent helps with preventing bites


Here is some research by with a list of repellents

Useful Links – Tick facts and information – Information about Ticks and Lyme Disease – Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Hopefully you wont get bitten but if you do the information written in these posts should help you

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