Walking Up Bowfell BTS Lake District Photography
Lake District Landscape Photography

 Walking Up Bowfell


The forecast looked good so my dad and I decided to head into the Lake District to climb up Bowfell. (902m heigh – 6th highest in England) The day started well as we drove past Coniston water and the mist was rising so I got a couple of photos there too.


This was the first time climbing it so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I like to go somewhere new as often as possible so it was good to try. We started at Old Dungeon Ghyll and made our way up the Band to the top of Bowfell and down the Langdale valley via Angle Tarn.


On the way down I spotted a Herdwick sheep stood on a mound looking like it was guarding Great Langdale. I crawled up and got a photo of it standing there


It was a pretty easy climb up as it was quite gradual, plus as you climb you start seeing new views so I ended up stopping to check those out on the way. I’ve done a video of the walk on my Youtube Channel – Adam Kappa.


If you like the video please subscribe to the channel. Watching the videos helps support new adventures:
Climbing Up Bowfell | (BTS Lake District Photography)



Lake District Landscape PhotographyLake District Landscape Photography

Lake District Landscape PhotographyLake District Landscape PhotographyLake District Landscape Photography


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