Places To Visit In The Lake District

Free Lake District location guides showing the best views and locations in the English Countryside.

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I have given each location guide a difficulty rating to give you an idea on what to expect.

This is more of a walk difficulty than about the photography

  1. Beginner – Beginner walks in the Lake District. Perfect for a little adventure to take in the views over the mountains and water.
  2. Easy – Easy walks in the Lake District. Head out on a little adventure to get great views of the surrounding mountains, lakes and the surrounding area.
  3. Moderate – Moderately difficult walks in the Lake District. Pack your bag, put on your boots and go for a walk up into the Lake District fells to get the view from the top.
  4. Difficult – Difficult walks in the Lake District. Give yourself a challenge and climb up onto the Lake District mountains. The view is better from the top.
  5. Challenging – For more experienced walkers, tackle some of the more challenging climbs in the Lake District. Walk the ridges and scramble up the screes. Earn the view at the top.

Things To See

Things that you will see at the location or on the walk up to the location.

The Lake District offers a wide range of subjects which make for great landscape photographs. Use the “Things to see” filter to fine tune what you want to see.

E.g. Mountains, Woodlands or Lakes

OS Map

If you are going to go out walking in the Lake District you need to be prepared with your navigation.

I use OS Maps as they don’t run out of battery.

Navigation is an essential part of hiking in the Lake District. I use a map and a compass to navigate as they don’t rely on batteries and they always work.

You can find locations by OS map, E.g. I have the South West Lake District OS map. Coniston Water, Blea Tarn and Wastwater are locations I could photograph


Wainwright’s and Outlying fells in the Lake District

Hiking in the Lake District and bagging Wainrights are two things that seem to connect a lot of people.

If you’re wanting to bag Wainrights whilst you’re out walking in the Lake District fells, I have tried to link up all of the possible ones you could bag whilst you’re out walking.