Ulverston Photos

I’m based near Ulverston so it has been one of my go to places for practicing my photography, here are some of my favourite places to go along side the prints that are available from each location.

Hoad Hill

This is one of the prominent features in Ulverston and it’s something you can recognise from a variety of places around the Lake District. e.g. In between Walna scar car park and Dow crag you can see Hoad sticking out on the horizon or if you’re at Gummers Howe you can see it level with you.

On top of the hill is a monument called Sir John Barrow’s monument bit it’s usually just called Hoad what ever you call it it’s something you often recognise with home. It’s a good place to see the starts if you wait until after midnight which is when the lights at the top usually go out.

From the top of the hill you get views out over Ulverston town and the bay, in the other direction you look across at the Coniston range in the Lake District

The Flan

On the outskirts of Ulverston is a hill called the Flan. There’s the one main view from the top that I like the most and it’s generally the only thing I look at when I’m up there.

It’s somewhere I occasionally go for night photography as you get Hoad on the Hill above town with the town lights in the bottom and you can look across the bay towards Blackpool all of which is surrounded by stars. I videod a couple of these adventures follow the links below to watch them

Birkrigg Common

Not technically Ulverston as it’s a few miles out but you can look back over town and across into the Lake District. You get some nice views from the bottom near the road or a clearer view from the top over the bracken