Photographing the stars

Ulverston Lantern Festival 2017


I didn’t get time to see the procession in town as I was finishing off some studio photos but I had the bag ready to run up Hoad to be ready for the fireworks. It seemed like lots of other people had the same idea as that’s the most people I’ve ever seen up Hoad whilst photographing stars.

I managed to get the camera set up and a few minutes later the fireworks started. You could see over Ulverston town with the fireworks going over head with the sky full of stars. Maybe next year I’ll make it into town for the procession



A space themed lantern procession ending with a star filled sky

Ulverston Lantern Procession


Did any of you get to practice your night photography? Here’s my guide for if you’d like to learn more

Photos of Ulverston

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