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The Wrong Camera For Landscape Photography

The weather was perfect for a trip into the woods as it was misty and there was a little bit of rain in the air which helped to add to the atmosphere. I walked up to the scene and went to set up my camera when I realised. My landscape photography camera wasn’t in my bag…

This instantly put me in a bad mood, but fortunately, I had taken a different camera (Canon 7dii) so I was able to still photograph, but it threw off my compositions which I was hoping to get.

There was one photograph that I was hoping to get which was quite a tight fit when using my full-frame camera, the crop factor on the 7dii meant that frame would no longer work, but there was still plenty of options available.

I stuck with using the 24-70, to begin with, and found a composition I liked looking through the lines of trees that were surrounded by the mist. The mist seemed to be a lot thicker at the back of the scene adding a bit of mystery which worked out really nicely.

From here I carried on up the track towards the fallen tree that I had photographed a few days earlier. The 1st day I found the tree there was a little bit of mist in the air but I thought that more would be better. Here’s how it looked on the first trip.

Whilst I wasn’t able to get the same compositions I was able to get some different ones. I photographed using a mixture of the 24-70mm and the 10-18mm from my vlogging camera meaning I was able to get wider photographs than I was able to before.

There was a bit of a sacrifice in quality as the wide-angle lens produced a little bit of distortion, there are no straight lines in the woods though so it is difficult to see anyway.

I still regret not packing my bag properly but it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened. It was more of an annoyance as I’m generally quite prepared and have my landscape camera ready and my wildlife camera ready to just grab and go.

This time I had swapped over the lenses as I’d been videoing hedgehogs the night before. Lesson learned! Hopefully, it won’t happen again.


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