The Start Of Spring In The Lake District | Woodland Photography

The Start Of Spring In The Lake District | Woodland Photography

I think the pressures of being my brothers best man and the realisation that the wedding was so close had been getting to me. You’ve probably noticed the lack of mountains in the vlogs as I have been playing it safe (i.e. boring *) and have been photographing more wildlife and woodland photography to avoid falling from the heights you usually see me at up in the Lake District fells.

I’m quite an accident-prone person so there’s usually a few falls along the way. I usually don’t mind that as it’s part of the deal. A black eye or broken arms wouldn’t look very good in the wedding photos though…

This day started out by going into the woods to try and photograph the deer walking through the bluebells. This plan didn’t really come together as there was no deer in the woods. The bluebells weren’t fully out in flower either so I returned a week or so later and tried again. The bluebells were there, the deer were not

*I don’t regret playing it safe, I wanted everything to go perfectly for them. shh, don’t tell him I said something nice.

From here I went looking for the pheasants, they’re pretty tame and usually out in the woods so I thought that would be a safe bet. They weren’t in any of the areas I had access to though so that plan went out of the window too.

I had noticed some light patterns as the sun was breaking through the trees so I headed up a track to a section of trees that I like hoping to make the most of the patterns.


I’m a creature of habit and started in my usual spot looking down the track with the big trees on the right. As usual, I had a look down the track for other compositions before returning to my spot. I’m not a big fan of woodland usually but this is one of my favourite spots. My favourite time was in Autumn, you can see the photos from that walk here or watch the behind the scenes video. Here are the photos I got this time

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