The Deer Rut and Landscape Photography. Martindale

Martindale. The Lake District – Looking for the red deer rut and landscape photography

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A few months ago we climbed up Hallin fell and then had a quick trip up this valley and saw a lot of red deer. Since they are rutting at the moment it seemed like a good choice of places to go to try and see the stags getting rowdy.


I was going to get there early and wander up in the dark but it’s not an area I know very well so I scrapped that plan and got there just after sunrise. It started quite well as there was some deer there straight away. I prefer to get photos at eye level so I headed up to the top to try and get level with the deer. I didn’t want to get to close though because I try not to have any impact on what they’re doing plus I didn’t want to get ragdolled on the end of one of the stags antlers…Mainly the 2nd part

Climbing up was apparently the wrong decision to make for the wildlife photos, I only saw one group of deer up there plus the wind made it tricky to use the 400mm so the photos did get are a bit soft.

A group of female deer plus some young males ran through between me and another group of walkers

Young male red deer

I kept walking as I caught a glimpse of Ullswater so I wanted to get a landscape photograph. You could look down on to Ullswater and the Parish Church of Saint Peter Martindale. You can’t tell in the photo but it was really windy here, it kept lifting the tripod up

Ullswater and the Parish Church of Saint Peter Martindale

From here I head up the valley aiming to walk around the horseshoe. Logic – there might be more deer as well as different landscape views

You got views across the Helvellyn here as well as down onto Brotherswater. The sun was breaking through the clouds lighting up the fields around the water

The sun hitting Brothers water

After seeing Brotherswater it clicked in my head that Angle tarn should be close by so I got the photos I wanted, packed the bag back up and carried on to the next hill I could see and there it was. It doesn’t usually work out that way but I’m glad it did.

There was a group of people on the track with a couple of people down by the water so I waited a little bit (had dinner) and waited for the right light. You got a view up to High street from here as well.

Angle Tarn looking up at High Street

I kept going with the intention of doing a big circle around to the car but I wasn’t confident with my map reading so I scrapped that plan and turned back to go down and try to find the deer again. The gut feeling was right, my phone died 10 minutes later and it started raining. Not the ideal situation to be lost up on the fells so it would of been selfish to carry on and rely on someone else to save me.

The bad weather made for a nice view over the Grisedale valley and Helvellyn though as the rain and wind combined making patterns in the sky

A rainstorm heading through the Lake District

Down near the car I found a big group of red deer. The main thing I wanted to see was a stag so this was perfect. He was massive and was surrounded by his herd. The perfect way to end the day

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Red deer stag surrounded by his herd

Watch the full day over on my YouTube Channel : Adam Kappa

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