The Calm Before The Storm | Autumn Landscape Photography

The Calm Before The Storm

Autumn landscape photography


The forecast for the day was pretty terrible. A mixture of rain and fog, ending with 50-60mph winds. Out of the options rain and fog were the best times to be around giant logs that could crush you so I went into the woods in the morning. The plan was to find some autumn landscape photos ideally with some trees/leaves.

It got off to a good start as I spotted a nice little stream. The 1st thing I saw was a little water fall with a large rock in front of it. On top of the rock was an autumn leaf which was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. It was pretty dark under the trees so I went with a long exposure to give a softer look to the image.

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I struggle with the woodland photography so I’ve been trying some new ideas, as maybe I was approaching it all wrong. I spotted some autumn leaves under the water. I framed up the scene and got a long exposure of the water going over the leaves with the colour in the leaves contrasting with the dark water. I’m not fully convinced I like this kind of thing, but playing is how I learn. What do you think?



From here I headed deeper into the woods. You could faintly hear the sound of the deer calling so I set up the wildlife camera and quietly crept through the woods. I didn’t find any deer but there was a nice path through the trees. Dark on the right with the sun hitting the trees on the left. There was a faint bit of mist in the air adding a bit of atmosphere. This isn’t the shot I had in my head but it had the right feel to it


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I then went for a little wander to find somewhere new, this was mostly a failure but I did find a group of trees surrounded by a white picket fence. Which meant I must be in Grizedale. Where else would have something random like this in the woods.



I left this bit and headed down to a little tarn, the sun had come out by then so the moodiness had gone from the air. I will return there another day though. I got one last photo on the track with the S shape of the road leading through the trees. It felt like the wind was picking up though so I decided to leave before things started to fall.


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