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Lake District Landscape Photography
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All posts tagged: Wildlife Photography

Red deer silhouettes against the clouds

The day started well, we got there just after sunrise and saw a herd straight away. There was a large stag with a group of hinds. we crept up to the wall and got a few of them walking through the field and then through the river

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Red deer stag strutting between the trees
Learnt From My Mistakes | Red Deer Rut. Martindale Red Deer Rut and Landscape Photography. Martindale, The Lake District This is the 2nd time attempting to photograph the red deer rutting in Martindale this year. Last week I got off to a good start then climbed up higher to try and see the deer with
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Red deer stag surrounded by his herd

A few months ago we climbed up Hallin fell and then had a quick trip up this valley and saw a lot of red deer. Since they are rutting at the moment it seemed like a good choice of places to go to try and see the stags getting rowdy.

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The owl was out hunting on the grassland so I slowly made my way across to where I thought it would head to next. Fortunately the owl seemed to trust me and it came over to where I was stood and hunted in the area around me making it’s way between the grass and the trees. It was effortlessly flying around, hovering and then destroying whatever little animal was on the ground. I’m usually on the little guys team but I was 100% on team owl, you wouldn’t think something as pretty as that would be that good at killing. Nature doesn’t play by our rules.

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Hayeswater From High Street The Lake District

The sun was out and I wanted to make the most of it so I headed up to Hartsop to walk up High Street. I packed the 400mm lens in case I spotted any deer and fortunately it work out for me.

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Red Deer Eating Holly

There are a lot of different things to think about when doing Wildlife photography; The Subject, Lighting conditions, How close you can get and many more.
I’ve been asked over on my YouTube page to go over what setting I use when going out to photograph wildlife, I mainly look for deer but you might pick up some tips that will help with your photography as well.

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