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All posts tagged: stars

Hoad under the stars. Ulverston

I’ve photographed Hoad at night quite a few times now, I tend to use the 24-70mm and take either the 100mm or 135mm depending on where I’m going to stand. I took them all this time plus a 400mm to do some comparisons. I didn’t use the 400mm on Hoad as it wouldn’t all fit, it worked ok on the moon though.

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A snow capped Coniston Old Man lit up by the moon light

I wasn’t sure where to go so I posted a couple of questions onto my Instagram story asking what people wanted to see

Sunset or Stars ?
On top of a mountain or at the beach ?

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Stars over the Space themed lantern procession

I didn’t get time to see the procession in town as I was finishing off some studio photos but I had the bag ready to run up Hoad to be ready for the fireworks. It seemed like lots of other people had the same idea as that’s the most people I’ve ever seen up Hoad whilst photographing stars.

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I always keep an eye out for a clear night with a sky full of stars. The forecast made the night look promising but the forecast changes every few hours so I tend to use a simpler method: Step 1 – Walk outside . Step 2 – Is it starry? If not, go back inside . If yes, keep on walking.

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