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Lake District Landscape Photography
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All posts tagged: Photography Guides

Improve Your Landscape Photography In 2 Minutes How To Remove Glare 1200x675 1

Here is a 2 minute video showing the effects of a polarising filter. Get better landscape photography in 2 minutes

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How Many Scratches On A CPL Filter Are Too Many Su 8f9e981adb9260d221f125557e0559a3

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot over the last few months as my circular polarising filter was a mess. I hadn’t noticed any decrease in quality but it was playing on my mind so I sucked it up and bought a new one.

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2 stop ND grad

Last week I did a video on camera accessories for landscape photography and whilst I was out in Grizedale Forrest it got me thinking about how much I actually needed to carry some of it so I decided to compare my ND Graduated filters to HDR.

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2 1 Ratio Fishing In The Fog. Coniston Water
Understanding Aspect Ratio Getting Started In Landscape Photography   What Does Aspect Ratio Mean In Photography? It's basically the way the photo is laid out, the numbers can look confusing when you start but you can easily break the down into something more understandable. Popular aspect ratios: scroll down to see the diagram Square: Used
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The Sun Breaking Through On To Great Gable . The Lake District
What accessories should I use for Landscape photography? Getting Started In Landscape Photography Theres no one thing that will be perfect for everybody but here are the some of my favourite accessories for landscape photography. There are a lot of snake oil products in photography but some will genuinely help you. I've linked all of
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Walking Along Dow Crag Panorama

What have you got? Any of the entry level DSLR’s will work great, I started with the Canon 600d which has now been replaced by the Canon 750d and that works great, it’s the camera I used in the beginners guide to macro photography

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A Moody Wasdale Valley. The Lake District

1. Choosing the best time to photograph
Light is one of the main factors that affect the overall look of your image, this is why most landscape photos you see are of either Sunrise or Sunset.
The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are known as the golden hour, this is when the sky will be at its most vibrant and the light tends to be softer as the sun isn’t as high in the sky so there aren’t any harsh shadows.

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Coniston Steamboat In The Footsteps On Coniston Old Man

1. Make a plan – Look on the map before you set off and work out what route your going to go on.
I’ve found that the scenes often don’t look like you expect them to from looking at the map so I like to see it for myself and then decide.

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1200 Seconds At F22 ISO 200 86mm

Getting started in macro photography can be confusing and expensive. Here’s my budget setup to get you started using an entry level DSLR and a few accessories. You will get great results in no time.

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