Sourmilk Ghyll And Easedale Tarn From Grasmere Lake District Landscape Photography 9

We’ve had a lot of rain in the Lake District lately meaning that the waterfalls have been impressive to look at. To make the most of this I headed up to Easedale Tarn via sour milk Ghyll hoping to capture some of the rainfall in the photos.

I told my parents where I was going and they wanted to come to. Join us on a Kappa day out.

First Impression Of The Waterfall

We started our walk from the outskirts of Grasmere and headed through the village before making our ascent up to Easedale Tarn. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’d been recommended this walk by someone over on Reddit so I figured this would be the day to find out. Nice-ish weather and just after the rain.


We got our first sighting of the waterfall as we went through the bottom gate. We gradually got closer and closer before the view opened up and we looked over the bracken, fields and up into the Lake District Fells. I wasn’t sure if we would see this angle again on the walk, so I set up the camera and got this photo. I liked how the fells created a camelback shape along the skyline.

Closer Look At The Waterfall

My dad noticed that there were people crossing a bridge over the river so we decided to take a little detour to get a better look. From the bridge you could see how fast the water was moving through the rocks, creating patterns in the water.

Mum And Dad Wanted a Photo On The Waterfall

We kept on climbing until we reached the water’s edge, here you could get onto of one of the waterfalls. My parents were ahead as I had stopped to look up at the falls. They were stood on the top waiting, so I assumed that meant they wanted a photo…

The Juniper? Tree

After the waterfalls, we kept on with the ascent up to Easedale Tarn. Again, I got distracted by the views and noticed a tree next to the river which was quite eye-catching. The light wasn’t great at this point but I knew there would be something here at a different time, we’ll come back to this later.

Lunch Time At Easedale Tarn

We made it up to the tarn just in time for dinner. We sat on the rocks near the edge of the water and we were joined by some of the ducks. They came and ate out of my hand ( watch that in the video).

I was struggling to find a composition here as the light wasn’t very good. The water was glare-y and ripple-y so there weren’t any waterfalls. I decided to go for a wander around the tarn to scout it out for another day. Here you can see Easedale tarn with Helm crag above it. I think in the right conditions this could be a good spot to come back to.

Camouflaged Herdwicks

If you look closely, you might be able to see 3 Herdwick sheep amongst the bracken. There white and grey coats really blend into all of the green.

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Lunch Time For The Herdwick Sheep. The Lake District

On the way back I spotted the face of a Herdwick Sheep smiling back at me in the middle of a path through the bracken. I dropped my bag and got closer when a second sheep appeared. The first sheep stayed starting at me, the 2nd more confident sheep ate some food.

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Organising The Kappas Through Binoculars

I realised I was going to get wet feet if I carried on with my little adventure so I headed back towards where we had dinner. The sun had come out lighting up Helm Crag. I shouted to my dad and we managed to get something worked out between us. The easy bit was getting my parents into the photo, the tricky bit was getting them out of the photo for a landscape photo. My dad said I should have given him the V’s. You don’t have to tell me twice.

Light On Helm Crag

Once I made it back to my parents the sun broke out onto Helm Crag lighting up small areas against the dark overcast areas. The light made its way through the valley before disappearing again.

Water Rushing Down Sourmilk Ghyll From Easedale Tarn

On the way down we stopped at the tree from earlier in the walk. My dad was stood in the river asking my mum to get a photo from stood on the rocks. I waited until he went and then nicked his composition. A French guy did the same to me earlier in the day, I figured I would give it a try to.

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Walking In The Lake District. Grasmere

We were almost finished with the walk when we got onto this path. I spotted a little puddle with reflections so I got down low and got the Lake District Fells off in the distance with the waterfalls we’d been stood next to in the day. It felt like the right way to finish the day.

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