If looks could kill

In my last video, I was up on the hills surrounding Coniston. On the way down I stopped by the edge of Coniston water and had a little walk down the pier and posted a photo on my Instagram story asking if I should jump in.

Jumping into Coniston is one of the things that you do if you grow up around here so I kind of wanted to jump in any way. I couldn’t get internet until I got closer to home but once the votes came in on the poll, it was a unanimous yes, so I had to go back

The Pier

This was the view down the pier that I posted to Instagram, and it’s the place we usually come to jump in as you can sit around on the rocks and grass closeby and just look at it. It’s asking for you to run and jump from it

Brown Howe

We started from Brown Howe on the edge of Coniston and put the kayaks in here. We thought about heading over to Peel Island, but it was a little bit windy and it would have been more difficult to kayak that way, so we headed up the south end instead

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This trip was to do a mixture of things:

  1. Jump in
  2. To find out how practical it would be to do landscape photography and vlogging from the kayaks. I think with a bit of practice it could happen, I just need to work out the microphone situation and a guaranteed way to waterproof my camera first

I think that ball of fluff wants to kill me

As we kayaked around we were joined by a couple of swans with there Cygnets, some of the cygnets were sat on the swans back claiming a free ride and the others were paddling around in the water.

One of the cygnets on the swans back was staring at me with the evilest of little faces, if looks could kill, I would not be here today. Fortunately, they can’t so I kept on paddling.

Stick to your word.

I suppose this time it wasn’t really my word that said I’d jump in. You decided for me…But the point still stands. We stopped at one of the piers and did a few cannonballs.

My research proved that Coniston water is cold, very cold.

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