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Woodland photography has always been something I’ve struggled with. The branches do what they want and they often look cluttered so I never know where to look. I had a few spare hours so I decided to head back into Grizedale forest and explore the area I got lost in last week. I took my camera with me in case there was anything of interest but it was mainly to find scenes that I can go back to when the weather is best.

The first location I found was a track between the trees with the tree roots laying across the path with all of the leaves and pine needles surrounding it. The sun was coming and going so I waited until there was a few speckles of light in the scene to get a photo


From here I carried on heading down the path. Unfortunalely the trees opened up and it lost the cosiness / creepiness which I quite liked. I turned around back up the road until I spotted a new path leading up into the woods. I had no idea where it would go but decided to give it a try. After a few minutes I spotted a colourful pine tree next to a silver birch so I decided to frame up a photo. The conditions weren’t ideal but I think this could work if it’s misty.


I noticed that in the muddy patch in the middle of the photo there was a path leading into the woods. On closer inspection it looked like a track that deer use as you could see there footprints heading into the trees. I’d like to return to this spot one day aswell it would be nice to get the deer walking through between the trees



It was a pretty successful trip. I’d explored a new area and had some locations to go back to. Hopefully the weather will play along soon


Watch the behind the scenes video here:

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