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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Mist rising behind the canadian geese as the Herdwick sheep walk down the track. The River Brathay

It was a calm and peaceful morning at the river Brathay near Elterwater. The water was still, the mist was rising and you could see a faint reflection of the trees in the water. And then the Geese arrived. Just by looking at them you could tell they were about to swim down the river and into the frame.

I thought this might be the end of the photos in this direction but I stuck it out to see what they did. It was quite nice to get some wildlife in there. After a little while, the Herdwick sheep in the fields decided they were going to move to a different field and they walked down the path 1 by 1. It framed up nicely as they were spaced out


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Early morning mist rising over the frosty grass. The River Brathay

Stood on the side of the river Brathay near Elterwater waiting for the sunrise. The mist was rising over the river and slowly rising and going over the fields. I liked how the big tree stood out as well as the remains of the fence posts by the water’s edge. There was still the remains of the frost from the night before, it soon thawed out as the sun came up but it added a nice layer of frost onto the ground to make the image look as cold as it felt.

I waited watching the mist to see if it was going to get thicker, eventually, it rose up a bit higher flowing over the fence post on the edge of the river adding some atmosphere to the photograph


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Autumn on the river Brathay. The Lake District

The sun was starting the break through the trees as it was rising giving a glow to the Autumn trees on the edge of the river Brathay. The Herdwick sheep were walking around in the field behind the tree, completing the Lake District landscape scene.

Once the sun was a bit higher it lit up the side of the two big trees on the edge of the River BRathay casting their reflections into the water. There was no wind so the water was like a mirror with no waves or ripples adding to the calmness of the morning. The sheep walked from the river’s edge between the trees and then up to where I was stood for better grazing

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A Herdwick sheep reflecting in the autumn colours on the River Brathay. The Lake District

A Herdwick sheep stood under an Autumn tree on the edge of the river Brathay as the sun was rising and the mist was rising from the water.

This sun caught me off guard as I didn’t expect to see the sunrise from here. Fortunately, it came up bright and hit the back of the trees pretty harshly giving a glow to the left-hand side of the tree which contrasted with the shadows on the right as the light diffused through the tree. The sheep were walking around in the field all morning. Fortunately as the best of the light arrived they also walked into the frame completing the Lake District scene.

I probably should have got more photos of this morning but instead, I stood watching this until the best light was gone. It was the right decision. The views over to Great Langdale weren’t that clear once the light had passed.

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Great Langdale From Elterwater

Great Langdale is one of the most iconic views in the Lake District and its one that you can see from a lot of places in the Lakes. I went to Elterwater and walked down to the river Brathay to get the view up to the mountain range. Everything was quite vibrant. Grass growing in the fields opposite the river, a mixture of colours in the trees and Great Langdale towering above

This is one of my favourite views in the Lake district. It’s a good spot to take a picnic, sit back and relax and take in the views over the water and up into the mountains

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