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Lake District Landscape Photography
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A Herdwick sheep watching over Great Langdale

We had just made our way past Angle Tarn on the way down from Bowfell when I spotted this Herdwick sheep stood watching over Great Langdale. I took my bag off and got down low and slowly made my way over towards where the sheep was stood so that I could get more of the Langdale valley in the frame and get the sheep more prominent in the frame.

Fortunately, as I got the photo framed up the sheep looked towards me and stared me down. It looked like he was watching over Great Langdale.

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The snow scattered on Bowfell and the band

I watched the snow storm roll in over Bowfell and the band before coming across and hitting me. Before the storm, you could see pretty much all of the grass on the hillside but once it passed through there was a layer of white covering it all. It only took about 30 minutes for this to happen. Fortunately, I got there just before so I had the best of both and could see the difference.


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Walking down Rossett Ghyll. Great Langdale

We were making our way down from Bowfell in the English Lake District. We had just passed Angle tarn and had started to make the descent down Rossett Ghyll. The ghyll circles it’s way down the valley and is mostly paved. I was out with my brother and his friends so I decided to stay back and found a ledge to stand with the drop down to have a clear foreground.

I waited until they were all in a line on the path on the circular part of the path to get a better angle. Up above them was Great Langdale filling the sky. The sun was out as well and because of the clouds, it cast large shadows onto the ground. Fortunately, my brother and his friends were in the sun at the time

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