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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Frozen Ponds Near Great Langdale The Lake District

I was making my way up to Crinkle Crags near Great Langdale in the English Lake District when I spotted this small frozen tarn which was see-through so you could see the rocks underneath with a layer of ice on top.

Off in the distance, you got a view of Great Langdale which was scattered with shadows caused by the clouds and harsh sunlight. I stopped here on the way back down to see how it would look with different light but all of the ice had melted a few hours later

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Scafell Pike Being Swallowed By The Clouds

We climbed up Crinkle Crags in the English Lake District to get views over Great Langdale and Scafell / Scafell Pike. When we first got to the top it was quite sunny with a few clouds behind the Scafell range. By the time we’d had dinner, the clouds started to roll in and swallow up the range starting from the left on Scafell before making there way over to Scafell Pike.

On the top of Scafell Pike, you could see the Cairn/platform with people standing on the top. We watched their views disappear as the clouds rolled in and surrounded them


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