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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Frozen Ponds Near Great Langdale The Lake District

I was making my way up to Crinkle Crags near Great Langdale in the English Lake District when I spotted this small frozen tarn which was see-through so you could see the rocks underneath with a layer of ice on top.

Off in the distance, you got a view of Great Langdale which was scattered with shadows caused by the clouds and harsh sunlight. I stopped here on the way back down to see how it would look with different light but all of the ice had melted a few hours later

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Scafell Pike Being Swallowed By The Clouds

We climbed up Crinkle Crags in the English Lake District to get views over Great Langdale and Scafell / Scafell Pike. When we first got to the top it was quite sunny with a few clouds behind the Scafell range. By the time we’d had dinner, the clouds started to roll in and swallow up the range starting from the left on Scafell before making there way over to Scafell Pike.

On the top of Scafell Pike, you could see the Cairn/platform with people standing on the top. We watched their views disappear as the clouds rolled in and surrounded them


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The climb up to Pillar . The Lake District

A winters day on Pillar in the Lake District with patches of snow scattered on the fells. We decided to make our way up, starting from the Wasdale Head Inn and making our way up following the river. From this point, you could look down the track that people had used to walk through the middle of the snow leading up to the last ascent of Pillar. The track made for a nice leading line drawing your eye up the mountain.

I always try to hide my dad in the Landscape photos when we go out walking together, I stayed back and waited for him to get ahead and waited until he was in a good position, if you look closely you’ll be able to find him

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The sun breaking through on to Great Gable . The Lake District 1

The sun breaking through on to Great Gable as the Herdwick sheep graze the fields from Wasdale Head. The sun was lighting up the fells above the Herdwick sheep and over the Church of St Olaf. Which you can faintly see in the trees. We didn’t really see any of this sun whilst up on Pillar but once we got back to the car there it was.

There was still a little bit of snow left higher up on the fells. The sunlight has created a divide on the fell between the snow and the grass

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Herdwick Sheep Walking Up Dow Crag

Herdwick sheep walking to the top of Dow crag as the clouds roll over the Scafell range. I wasn’t expecting there to be any clouds on the climb up but the closer I got to the top of Dow Crag the more clouds appeared.

I spotted these sheep as I got close to the top and you could see the Scafell range off in the distance so I crept up and got this photo of the sheep making there way to the top

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Reflections on Wastwater. The Lake District

Wastwater is one of the best views in the Lake District so I went to get some photographs in the nicer light at sunset. The sun went down behind us, the colours of the screes and Great Gable were reflecting in the water creating large patches of colour in the reflections.

I found one of the boulders sticking out from the water and stacked on some rocks and bark. From here you got views up to Great Gable and all of the surrounding fells. There was no wind on the day so you could see through the water clear as there was no waves/ ripples. There are not many better places to spend the afternoon on a day like this

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A Moody Wasdale Valley. The Lake District

We went to Wastwater with the aim of climbing up Scafell Pike, once we got into the Wasdale valley we soon realised that it may be a bit pointless climbing high as the view would be very limited and probably just clouds.

We headed up past Wastwater to the Wasdale Head Inn. On the road up to the pub, I jumped out to get a photo in the valley. The clouds were hanging low in the sky. The rain has given the road a light coating which gave off some reflections. It was one of those days that aren’t that great at the time, but when you look back you realise the views were still pretty great. Even though they weren’t what was planned

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