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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Herdwick Sheep Crossing The Road At Elterwater. Great Langdale

After photographing the sunrise at Ullswater, we took the scenic route home and went via Ambleside and Elterwater. Inbetween the 2 we were greeted with this view over Great Langdale so we pulled over.

As we got out of the car we spotted a dog chasing some of the Herdwick sheep over the fields followed by the farmer. This worked out well for me as the sheep made there way over to the road and then crossed over. There are not many things more lake district-y than the Herdwick sheep


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Great Langdale in the clouds above Easedale tarn. The Lake District

Looking down onto Easedale tarn from Helm Crag as the clouds roll over the tops briefly revealing Great Langdale. You can see a group of people down by Easedale tarn in the sunlight. Apparently, they’d camped there the night before… Tougher people than me

This was taken from on top of Helm Crag in the English Lake District, it’s quite a popular walk from Grasmere as there is a rock formation that looks like a lion and a lamb on the top. I was more impressed with this view over the tarn and up to Great Langdale than I was of the rocks though

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Sunrays hitting Blea Tarn

The river Brathay and Elterwater have always been picnic places or sunset places for me but I decided to try something different and go there for the sunrise. The plan was to look down the river, ideally with some mist and the reflections. The weather played along and here’s the results

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Sunrays on Blea tarn from Great Langdale

The sun breaking through the clouds over Blea Tarn and the surrounding fells from Great Langdale. I liked all of the shadows and light spots created by the sun as the sun couldn’t reach the surface of the fells closest to me creating shadows and some contrast


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