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Lake District Landscape Photography
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A snow capped Coniston Old Man lit up by the moon light

The forecast was for a clear night so I decided to do something different and head up to Coniston Old Man to photograph the stars. I climbed up in the last of the sunlight watching the sunset over Goats water and then climbing the rest of the way by moonlight.

There was a light coating of snow on the last quarter of the walk, by snow I mean ice. Once I got to the top I realised that the photograph that I wanted over Dow Crag wouldn’t work as the gap between the top of the mountain and the stars was too big, plus there were too many clouds. Instead, I had a look at the view leading up to the top of the old man. The moon lit up the ground leading up the top and the Cairn stood out on the Horizon.

Coniston water was glowing from the moonlight to the left and the sun was setting on the right. It wasn’t the view I had in mind but this was a lot better. Everything lined up at the right time


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Cloud Inversion Over Coniston. Panorama From Coniston Old Man

I climbed up onto Coniston Old man with the idea of going to the mines to photograph them in the clouds,  I didn’t really think that through though as I climbed up the wrong side of the mountain past goats water and up Goats Hause.

At the top, I met a man who had set up a radio and was talking to people from all over the world. We got talking and I ended staying at the top for the sunset which also coincided with a cloud inversion. The clouds surrounded us leaving a cloud inversion over Coniston and Low water

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Low Water Under The Clouds. Coniston Old Man

Stood near the top of Coniston Old man in the English Lake District looking down to where Low Water usually is, but the cloud inversion had filled the sky and the sunset was adding a little bit of a flow to the background. You can faintly see low water below the clouds in the foreground. The clouds were hugging the side of the mountains whilst the occasional peak stook up through the clouds, adding some dark contrast into the white clouds.

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Low Water Below The Clouds On Coniston Old Man

Looking out over the cloud inversion from Coniston Old man, Coniston and Low water were under these clouds. On the climb up it didn’t look like there would be any view as I was surrounded by clouds. It all changed at Goats water and the sun started to make an appearance.

The higher I climbed the nicer the weather got. This changed my plans I was expecting to go to the mines but instead, I stayed at the top to watch the sunset. The clouds returned as the sun went down filling the sky behind Dow Crag and over Coniston. You could only faintly see the track leading to Low water and the slightest of blues beneath the clouds

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Sunset and cloud inversion Dow crag and Coniston Old Man

I decided to head up to Coniston Old Man to work on my fitness a little, it’s a pretty easy climb but the views can be pretty special. It didn’t get off to the best start as I was climbing into the clouds but once on top. The mixture of cloud inversion and the sunset made it pretty amazing. Glad I took the torch as it’s a long walk down in the dark

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