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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Decision making in the Lake District. Herdwick sheep

We had just climbed up Helm crag – also known as the Lion and the lamb near Grasmere in the English Lake District. On the way down we walked past this old barn. In front of the barn was a little track which happened to be full of Herdwick sheep as they had just walked out making their way to fresh grass. This sheep got left behind by the big group, before walking out he checked if the coast was clear.

He walked out of the gateway and stood underneath the tree that was providing a little bit of shelter before he spotted the rest of the group and ran down the track

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The Lion and the Lamb. The Lake District

The Lion and the Lamb is quite a famous view as you can see it on your drive up/down Dunmail raise on the way to Keswick. It’s up on Helm Crag which is next to Grasmere. At the top, there is a clump of rocks that from a distance look like a lion and a lamb. I liked how the low sunlight lit up the back of Helm crag leaving the front in shadow

This is the view from near Grasmere looking up at the Lion and the lamb. I had just climbed up there and this is definitely the best angle to see it from as from the top it’s hard to tell which rocks are which

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Helm Crag. Grasmere. Christmas with the kaps

Every year we try to get all the Kappas together and go for a walk somewhere, this year we chose Helm Crag which is a hill close to Grasmere village in the English Lake District. There was still some snow left on the top so we got a white Christmas after all. Christmas dinner leftovers made for good sandwiches

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Lion and the lamb

We climbed up Helm Crag in the English Lake District to look at the lion and the lamb and to see what views you got from the top

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Great Langdale in the clouds above Easedale tarn. The Lake District

Looking down onto Easedale tarn from Helm Crag as the clouds roll over the tops briefly revealing Great Langdale. You can see a group of people down by Easedale tarn in the sunlight. Apparently, they’d camped there the night before… Tougher people than me

This was taken from on top of Helm Crag in the English Lake District, it’s quite a popular walk from Grasmere as there is a rock formation that looks like a lion and a lamb on the top. I was more impressed with this view over the tarn and up to Great Langdale than I was of the rocks though

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A Lone tree and stone walls in the Lake District

On the way down from Helm crag I spotted this lone tree in the valley. It had lost all of its leaves but it was still eye-catching as it had some colour remaining from the moss that was growing on the trunk. There was also a stone wall zigzagging its way into the valley up into the snow scattered fells.

The sun was trying to make an appearance but it only lit up half of the scene leaving the fells on the left-hand side in the shadows


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