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Lake District Landscape Photography
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leaving the house

Recently I have been videoing the hedgehogs that have just come out of hibernation. I mostly shot on a big tripod but I was unable to get the angle I actually wanted. Being at eye level with the animals seems to make everything more realistic so I looked into getting a tripod without a centre column

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Custom Made Covers For Wildlife Photography For p The Animals Cant See It

When it comes to camera gear sometimes your only choice is to buy it, others you can make your self and save yourself some money. Here’s how I camouflage my camera gear for under £1

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Red Deer Eating Holly

There are a lot of different things to think about when doing Wildlife photography; The Subject, Lighting conditions, How close you can get and many more.
I’ve been asked over on my YouTube page to go over what setting I use when going out to photograph wildlife, I mainly look for deer but you might pick up some tips that will help with your photography as well.

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