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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Honey Bee Collecting Nectar

Macro photography is a fun and affordable hobby to get into although it can be very frustrating when you are getting started. I made a video on a budget-friendly macro photography set up but here are some techniques and equipment which will help to improve your photographs

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100mm Macro Lens vs budget 2

Last year I made a video showing the budget set up I made for macro photography. It uses the Canon 600d (Outdated, now the 700d) with the kit lens plus a set of extension tubes, a cheap flash from china and a diffuser made from a take away box.

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1200 Seconds At F22 ISO 200 86mm

Getting started in macro photography can be confusing and expensive. Here’s my budget setup to get you started using an entry level DSLR and a few accessories. You will get great results in no time.

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