Photographing Ulverston At Night

I always keep an eye out for a clear night with a sky full of stars. The forecast made the night look promising but the forecast changes every few hours so I tend to use a simpler method: Step 1 – Walk outside . Step 2 – Is it starry? If not, go back inside . If yes, keep on walking.

I went up the Flan this time, I did a night photography video in the same place a few months back (Watch it here) but I wanted to try something different this time around. It’s difficult to show the in between parts of the night photography because you can’t really see anything but the walk walk is covered on my Youtube channel. If you want to see how the photos were taken check out the video, if not keep scrolling for the photos.



Tree under the stars

I had intended to just go straight to the top for the photo over town but I quite liked the look of this tree and gate underneath the stars. It’s a bit different to my other night photos as I generally avoid adding extra light but I had a little experiment using the ring light from my vlogging camera to add some more detail to the foreground.


Late night drive into Ulverston

This was the photo I had in mind whilst packing my bag to go out. Hoad hill is mainly grass and trees so once night falls it is basically a silhouette compared to the towns lights so I wanted to get a light trail from a car just to make the bottom part of the photo more interesting. Most of the cars came before I was ready but at least it gave me a chance to count how long the exposure needed to be and to adjust the adjust the composition.

There was a gap of about 30-40 minutes until the next car came. It feels like longer when you’re stood there in the dark on top of a hill, it did give me time to realise that Skittles are a bad choice of snack for cold weather, it was similar to chewing rocks so at least I learnt something… Back to the photo, I heard a car coming from the Broughton direction so I started the exposure just before it came into the frame and the exposure ended just as it dropped into town so it worked out as planned


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