Photographing The Stars At Coniston Water. The Lake District

Photographing The Stars At Coniston Water. The Lake District

The forecast was looking promising for a sky full of stars plus there were no clouds in the sky during the day so I packed the bag ready for if everything lined up. Coniston is my usual place to go as there’s not too much light and the views are great.

Fortunately the stars came out so I head to Coniston and made my way down the side of the water. You can watch the whole trip over on my YouTube channel – Adam Kappa and see what goes into the photos.

I set my camera up on the pier and waited for a car to come. It didn’t take long until you could here the sound of an engine so I had the trigger ready for the right time. The first thing that came was a gritter with flashing lights. This left beams of light in the water

I wasn’t expecting to see flashing lights as they tend to only happen when something bad happens but it was fun to see something different. I’m not sure if I’m keen on how they look though, they’re a bit to in your face for this photo. I waited a bit longer until another car arrived.

This is what I had in mind before I got here. The constant light looks a lot nicer (in my opinion) than the flashing one. There must of been a car in the carpark in Coniston as well as some of the light is spilled out onto the water on the left leaving a nice pattern which was a bonus.

I was considering going down the side of Coniston to look for some different angles but I ended up just experimenting with some longer exposures to get some star trails. I’m not really a big fan of start trails so I’d been trying to avoid them the rest of the night but it’s fun to experiment. There was no wind so I managed to get away with a 324 second exposure. I think I prefer the photos without the trails, what do you think?

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