Sunset Over Scafell Pike

Photographing The Sunset Over Scafell Pike From Dow Crag

The plan – Climb Dow Crag, photograph the sunset and then wait for the stars

The walk started off pretty well, my ankle seems to be ok now as long as it’s no bent too much and my stamina is getting better. Other than stopping to do a little bit of video on the way up I managed to get up to the horizon line without stopping so that’s a good sign for doing bigger walks in the future.

I was planning on going to the top but decided that a panorama of the Scafell range was the new plan so I set up the camera and found a composition – I tried to video the behind the scenes on this 1st photo but the wind messed up the audio so here’s the view instead:

The View From Dow Crag Towards Sca Fell

The View From Dow Crag Towards Sca Fell

From here I started climbing again before dropping down for more photos of scafell, the rocks on the right hand side of the 1st photo are where Is stood for the second.
The light kept changing here as the sun was lower in the sky before eventually dropping behind the horizon, I grabbed a photo of the stone wall before waiting for the panorama

Sunlight On Dow Crag

Sunlight On Dow Crag

Sunset over Scafell Pike

There was some nice colours in the sky once the sun eventually went down, you can just about see it on the horizon Fortunately some big clouds came in and saved the photo. I’m not a fan of cloudless sunsets as they’re a bit to in your face sometimes but the clouds helped balance it out.

I watched the sun go down and then debated whether to stay up there for the stars or if it was better to just go down. I decided to go down because of the wind – the spot I wanted to take the star photos from is quite exposed and I had visions of me falling so that can wait for another day.

On the way down I looked back up to Dow crag and there wasn’t a single star in the sky so looking back it was the right decision.


Last Light On Dow Crag

Last Light On Dow Crag


Watch the behind the scenes video on my YouTube channel – Adam Kappa


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