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Photographing Light Through The Trees

Woodland Photography


I’ve mentioned in a few of the vlogs that I’m not that keen on woodland photos but that has made me want to try it more. I remembered about some woods that I went to about 6-7 months ago with some trees that looked a bit like a spiders web. Small branches crossing over each other in a pine forrest so the plan was to try and get some patterns from the light and shadows to create something a bit moody.


I struggled quite a bit to find a composition, the light was there but everything looked messy. Branches everywhere, logs and rocks on the ground – I probably didn’t pick the best place to start but that’s where I ended up. I eventually found a spot with a line of 3 trees (that stood out to me) surrounded by pine needles. The left hand side was darker and the right hand side was in the light, maybe this would work


Light In The Woodland

Light In The Woodland

This was the type of thing I was looking for, I think these woods might be more suited to a misty/foggy day to create a bit more atmosphere. Something about the web of branches makes it look creepy to me, it looks a bit to nice in the sun.
After this I had a little wander trying to find other compositions but I decided to head back to where I’ve seen the owl. There’s trees there as well so that would be the best of both.

There was no owl, but you could here the deer barking off in the distance. I circled around the woods to where I expected the deer to be and then I spotted the view I wanted, a big strip of light coming straight through the woods creating shadows and lighting up a single tree, the decision to come here paid off



The side view was the 1st thing I saw and I think it’s my favourite photo. After this I quickly moved around to be next to the tree to get a portrait photo looking up the light beam to get the shadows and the trees. What do you prefer?


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