My Gear

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Normal Camera bag setup

Normal Camera bag setup

Landscape Photography Gear List

Camera Bodies

Canon 5Diii – This has been used almost every day since owning it. Photographing weddings around England and across to America. Commercially for a variety of needs as well as taking a beating whilst out photographing the landscapes. It’s expensive but it’s been worth it to me

Canon 7Dii – A second camera body bought for using with a telephoto lens at weddings aswell as for wildlife photography. The extra reach and ISO performance are great


Canon 24-70 2.8ii – If I had one lens it would be this. I use it all the time in the landscape photography videos plus for commercial and weddings

Canon 100mm F2.8 – This is a new lens for me. Bought for commercial work but I’ve enjoyed using it for landscapes. I swap between this and the 135mm depending on where I go. If there’s a chance I will want to get some close up shots this is the one to take

Canon 135mm F2 – This is my favourite lens for events and weddings. Standing off at a distance picking off genuine interactions. I also like it for getting a bit closer with landscapes to achieve a different look to the wide angle

Canon 400mm F5.6 – Used 99% of the time for wildlife with the occasional landscape photo. I picked this up 2nd hand and it’s been great for getting into wildlife photography. It’s not the best in low light but with a bit of practice you can use lower shutter speeds to work around that


Manfrotto 055Xprob – no longer made but it’s served me well. It’s taken a pretty good beating over the years from being dropped, thrown around and from me falling over. I once bent the legs by standing on it doing some night photography (100% my fault). It’s a little bit heavy but you’ll get over it

Manfrotto 804RC2 head – Works well. Go from Landscape to portrait quickly and have a steady base or have things a bit looser so it’s easy to move the wildlife lens


Lee 100mm holder – Pretty straightforward. If you’re going to use filters a holder will work out better for you

Lee 2 stop soft ND Grad – Good for balancing out the sky. Quite expensive but I would like more different strengths. Getting right in camera is my preferred way to go so this is the best way to do that

Lee 2 stop ND filter – Bought this for studio use to cut out some light when using flash. Occasionally use it to blur out water

Lee 6 stop (Little stopper) – Bought this to get a photo for a client. Not sure I would have got it otherwise but I have no excuse for not trying more long exposures now. Maybe they’ll grow on me

Hoya CPL – I have these for each lens. Probably would of been cheaper to get the 1 CPL that fits the Lee Holder but I bought things in the wrong order. It’s good having everything set up before going out though so maybe it’s not a bad thing

Vlogging Equipment

Canon 70d – has a flippy out screen to help do the video. 3rd backup camera for events. Not sure there’s that much difference when compared to my old 600d though (other than the autofocus whilst filming)
Canon 10-18 mm F4.5-5.6 – A lot better than I expected. Occasionally use this on my 7d as well to get a wide angle photo
Zoom H1 Handy Recorder – Stores all of the audio data
Pro Lavalier Lapel Microphone JK® MIC-J 044 – Records all the audio

Back up audio
Rode Videomic pro – Not fully convinced about this one. I had one that made the battery get red hot and smell like fire. They replaced that quickly though so maybe that was a one-off dodgy one.


Lowepro Whistler 450 AW – Pretty expensive but it’s the best bag I’ve used. This is more of an excuse killer for me as my bag is always packed ready to go. I just need to wake up and go