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Misty Woodland Photography In A Lake District Pine Forest

Woodland Photography In The Mist 5

Woodland photography in the Lake District

Photographing woodland is something that I generally struggle with, the messy branches tend to make it hard to find a composition but every now and again the weather conditions line up and I find something I like.

On this day the forecast was pretty poor so rather than head up into the hills I returned to one of my favourite walks in the woods hoping to find some low lying cloud or mist hovering between the trees.

Woodland Photography In The Mist 7
Mist Rolling Through The Pine Trees

Walking into the forest

As I walked up to the forest it quickly became obvious that the conditions were perfect. The track leading between the trees was surrounded by the mist. Off to the right, the sun was attempting to break through adding some light into the murkiness.

Woodland Photography In The Mist 4
Track Through The Misty Pine Forest

Finding the perfect photo

In my head, the reason I wanted to come to this part of the woods was the track that zig-zags its way through the trees up to the top of the hill. This is where I spend the majority of my time looking at the dark trees silhouetted against the grey.

I decided to go for two similar photographs – one avoiding the treetops in a landscape and a wide portrait photograph to show the scale. Looking back at it, the portrait is my favourite. What do you think?

Woodland Photography In The Mist 3
Mist Between The Pine Trees

Exploring the woods

After getting the photographs that I went for I decided to go for an explore to see what else was out there whilst the conditions were as I like them. Some tracks felt promising but lead to nothing whereas others had subtle bits of colour creating a different type of image.

Woodland Photography In The Mist 5
The Entrance To A Misty Pine Forest

After being submerged in the dark and murky woods for an hour or two, the greens were a welcome addition to help make a more positive looking image. I decided to head out into the open to find some simpler compositions picking out the woodland details.

Woodland Photography In The Mist 1
Scots Pine In The Mist

The path lead out of the woods and towards a group of Scots pines standing on top of a hill. The mist being pushed by the wind over the top of the hill occasionally leaving a clear view, but a few minutes later the mist would be back.

Overall, I’m really with how this woodland trip turned out. It’s rare that I get 5 new photographs from one day out to be available as prints but I like all of these ones.

It would be great to get your feedback! Which is your favourite?

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Adam Kapustynskyj is a landscape photographer based in Ulverston near the English Lake District. He specialises in Landscape photography

2 thoughts on “Misty Woodland Photography In A Lake District Pine Forest

  1. These are beautiful pictures of the forest.
    I also like to take pictures in the forest and in nature. Here is one of the pictures I recently took near my home:àgobet/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
    Yours sincerely,

    1. Adam Kappa says:

      Thanks a lot, I’m glad you like them! Your photo looks great, it looks like it would have been so peaceful. Thanks for introducing me to the Forest sub too.

      All the best,

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