The Lion And The Lamb On Helm Crag | Landscape Photography

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The Lion And The Lamb . Helm Crag | Lake District Landscape Photography

This is a walk I’ve wanted to do for a long time but for some reason haven’t done. You start down in Grasmere and make your way up on to Helm Crag. It was quite an easy climb but the views were great. We had a bit of a time limit as my car was in the garage so this seemed like a good short walk to do with the time we had.

Lion and the lamb 1

We climbed quite quickly as there were steps for the first part of the walk. We were rewarded with views down into the valley. There was a farmer and sheepdog herding the sheep into the farm. I couldn’t quite get a clear shot because of the trees so I decided to just stand and watch at first. I grabbed a photo near the end but the trees were sticking into the frame

Lion and the lamb 2

As we got closer to the top the view of the fells above Dunmail raise opened up. I always like the stone walls on the fells, you could also see the snow line from here too

Lion and the lamb 3


I wasn’t that impressed with the “lion and the lamb” at the top. I couldn’t work out which rocks they were so I moved on to the better views. You could see Great Langdale sticking up behind Easedale Tarn with the clouds rolling over the tops. I set up the tripod initially going for a landscape photo

Lion and the lamb 4

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After staring at the view for a little while I wasn’t sure if landscape was the best way to shoot this. There was a bit too much white so I flipped over to a portrait image. You got more of the tarn plus the green layer below the snow. If you look closely you can see people down by the tarn

Lion and the lamb 1 2

We started to make our way down the other side of Helm crag to circle our way back to the car. This opened out the view over Dunmail raise and now you could see the farm at the bottom. I liked how the white farm building contrasted with the green fields – white snow -blue clouds. I waited here for the light and shadows to line up

Lion and the lamb 5

I ended the video there thinking that was the end of the best views but on the way down I spotted this tree stood out against the valley. There were no leaves on the tree but it was still colourful from the moss on the trunk. To the left was a stone wall zigzagging its way up into the snowy valley

This photo is available as a print

Lion and the lamb 6

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