Learnt From My Mistakes | Red Deer Rut. Martindale

Learnt From My Mistakes | Red Deer Rut. Martindale

Red Deer Rut and Landscape Photography. Martindale, The Lake District

This is the 2nd time attempting to photograph the red deer rutting in Martindale this year. Last week I got off to a good start then climbed up higher to try and see the deer with mountains in the background. Unfortunately there weren’t many up there as they were down in the valley. I still want to get a photo of a deer up high in the hills but maybe this isn’t the right place for that photo, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying though.


Here’s the video from the first attempt: Please subscribe and share the video around


I took my dad this time and we got there just after the sunrise so there would be less people and nicer light. We found a stag almost straight away running around in the field with his herd so we waited, watching to see what happened. It was calling to the rest of the stags in the area, showing off its dominance walking between the trees


Soon after another stag walked onto the same area of grass. I think it looked bigger. My money was on the new guy to win a fight if it came down to it. They took it in turns shouting, walking into the middle and seeing what the other would do but neither seemed to think the challenge was worth getting hurt for.


The 2 stags went there separate ways deciding it wasn’t worth fighting for. We decided to head up higher to try and find some deer higher up on the fells plus to get a view over Angle tarn. The sun kept breaking through the clouds lighting up parts of the fields and the stone wall.



We followed the wall up hearing the deer calls all the way up. The deer were a bit to far away for me here plus they were low down in the valley. I’d rather be at eye level so I put the 400mm away and looked for some landscape photos. We walked past Angle tarn and into the rain and wind. This made Brothers water look impressive though as the sun lit up the fields around the water, contrasting with the dark sky and shadows.


We stayed up on the top for a little while, my shortcut turned out to be the long way around and the light started to fade which wasn’t great for landscape photos. We decided it was better down on the other side of the valley so went looking for more deer. We dropped over the edge and my dad spotted a fox on the adjacent fell. The 400mm lens was still in my bag so I missed that shot annoyingly.

As we got lower down we realised that 3 people (2 and a 1) had gone across the field. They were spread out and weren’t camouflaged very well so there was no deer down there. Who wears orange when trying to be camouflaged? We headed back down to the car. I grabbed a photo of the barn surrounded by the Autumnal trees to end the day on a high



Watch the full day here: Please subscribe and share the video around

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