Sunrise on Wastwater

I have learnt from editing the videos, that I’m an awkward, grumpy and stubborn, straight to the point (spade is a spade) kind of guy that has no time for sympathy.

Now I know what you’re thinking…Stop, with the hard sell. Show me the videos already.

Ok, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel – Adam Kappa or choose from the videos below to join me on an adventure


Since starting the vlogs I’ve been trying to catch up with the mountains I’ve climbed off camera. Looking back through the videos though I seem to have my favourite lake district mountains which feature a lot, but there a many less known ones which have made a few appearances too. Join me on the trips out and go on a virtual tour of the Lake District


Why do I make vlogs?

They give you a realistic view of what goes into creating the photographs. See what the conditions were like on the day and join me on the climb up the Lake District fells. Learn from my mistakes along the way

The vlogs are also more real, you see the real me rather than interpret the words in the wrong way. You will also hear the effort that goes in and occasionally see the fear in my eyes. But mainly join in on the adventure

Lake District Photography Locations


This isn’t a place I’ve photographed from, but it is a town you can often see when you are around Windermere

You can look over the town when climbing up the Fairfield horseshoe, it adds a nice human element to the landscape


There is a famous scramble up onto Blencathra named Sharp Edge. From the opposing hills, it looks nothing but it’s pretty intimidating once you’re walking it. I’ve had mixed experiences here, mostly good, some scary. Which looking back are good too. You know the type of adventure that whilst you’re on it you’re questioning your life choices? Then you get home and start wishing you were back up there again and plan the next trip. It’s one of those kind of walks.


This is often a starting point for my walks, parking at cow bridge and heading through Hartsop on the way up to High Street or heading up to the Priest hole. I’ve never actually photographed here, although I often sit on the side of the water here to relax after a walk. Maybe I’ll share that with you one day.


This is one of the nicest parts of the Lake District and one that I should photograph more. It’s quite an annoying place for me to visit but it is always worth it. There’s a really nice walk around the water’s edge. I tend to see Buttermere fro above whilst walking over Fleetwith Pike or Haystacks.


Coniston is one of my favourite parts of the Lake District as I’m based in Ulverston. This is one of the closest parts of the Lakes for me with decently sized walks, large bodies of water. Growing up swimming on Coniston Water has made this quite a sentimental location for me

Dow Crag

Opposite Coniston old man stands Dow Crag. The views from here trump Coniston Old man in my opinion as it’s more of a ridge. You get drops down the side with views over the Duddon valley on one side and Goats water on the other. I’ve watched many sunsets up here plus I saw my first Brocken spectre


Similar to Ambleside, I haven’t photographed from the village. This is usually where I start the climb from Helm Crag. You can see the village when you climb up Helm crag and the Fairfield horseshoe

Great Gable

I’ve climbed up Great Gable a couple of times. The first time we went up via Napes needle and the Sphinx rock then took a brutal climb up the screes. I told myself I’d never climb it again

But then we had a sunny day in the Lakes and I headed back up, the first opinion was right. You get 360 views over a large amount of the Lake District, not the most photogenic of places though IMO

Great Langdale

Great Langdale is one of the most recognisable parts of the Lake District and it’s the home to a lot of great walks. Some of my favourites are Pike O’ Blisco, Crinkle Crags and Bowfell but there are a lot of different routes you could take here

Grizedale Forest

This is one of my rainy day locations. Escaping into the woods and sheltering from the rain still lets you be outside without getting completely soaked. You often find sculptures and interesting things to see en route

Gummers How

A popular location above Windermere, there’s a walk up to the top of the hill which gets views up Windermere and into the mountains. I tend to walk into the woods near here, looking for fallen trees and mist rising form the water

Harter Fell

You can see this fell when you climb Coniston Old Man and Dow Crag, it’s a big pyramid shape asking to be climbed. I’ve been up it once, but my favourite view of it was at sunset from Coniston Old Man. The cloud inversion surrounded the fell so you could only see the top poking out and the sunset turned the clouds orange contrasting with the silhouette of Dow Crag.

High Street

This is one of my go-to walks, either from Haweswater, climbing up Riggendale. Or from Hartsop and up via Hayeswater. It’s an old Roman road that used to link forts at Brougham near Penrith and Ambleside.

The views from the top are great as you can see for miles up here


I’ve heard lots of great stories about walking the Kentmere horseshoe. My experiences haven’t lived up to the hype. These are relatively flat fells once you reach the top of the horseshoe with a large grassy mound at the top, rather than big drops. Maybe I picked the wrong days.


Keswick is surrounded by great walks. Catbells is a personal favourite as it’s fairly easy, but with a great view over Derwentwater. Skiddaw is also close by filling the sky behind the town


This is somewhere I usually go to see deer, but the landscape around here is also really nice. It’s an isolated valley with views over Ullswater once you reach the top of the surrounding fells.

Pike O’ Blisco

This is a relatively easy climb that gets great views across to Crinkle Crags, Great Langdale and back down the valley towards Windermere

River Brathay

This is one of my favourite parts of the Lake District for a short walk/picnic by the river. You can sit by the water’s edge looking up into Great Langdale. Perfect.


The 2nd highest mountain in England. I’ve only been here once – you can see that in the video. As it’s one of the highest point in the Lake District you can see it from a lot of places in the Lakes. I used to drive to work, looking over the mountains wishing I was about to go climbing and not do another day as a butcher.

Scafell Pike

The highest point in England. That’s enough reason to get yourself up there.


Located at the end of the Duddon valley, there’s a short walk up to Seathwaite tarn with views over to the Scafell range. Well worth a visit if you’re in that area


This isn’t a location I’ve photographed much, but it’s a location I usually stop at after going to Martindale or climbing Helvellyn. I find it a frustrating location to find good compositions so usually just sit here and have a coffee instead, taking in the views


Not in the Lake District, but you can get views across to the Lakes. It’s nice here, you’ll like it


Probably the best view in the Lake District that you can see from your car. The view hits you when you drive around the corner. Wastwater is a location I always look forward to returning to


There are quite a few fells surrounding Windermere which get views back down onto the water. my favourite one is probably from the Fairfield horseshoe, but there are plenty of locations to see the water fro

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