Landscape Photography at Seathwaite Tarn, The Lake District

A week or so a go my mate took me up to Seathwaite tarn, not sure why I’ve never been here before considering how close it is to Coniston old man. I guess the extra bit of a drive has kept me away in the past. Here’s some of the photos I got from the day, you can watch the full day in the behind the scenes video

Seathwaite Tarn 1

On the track leading up to the tarn you get views across to the Scafell range, we’ve had a bit of snow in the Lakes recently so the peaks were covered in a white layer. I liked how they stood out against the darker foreground with the clouds rolling over the tops

Seathwaite Tarn 2

After photographing Scafell I made my way up to a tree that I scouted out on my first trip up. I wanted to get the Duddon valley into the photo with the lone tree standing out above it. The ground was all rocky with grass covered rocks which gave a nice texture to the foreground.

Seathwaite Tarn 3
Seathwaite Tarn 3


From the tree I headed up to the tarn. I was hoping that the builders wouldn’t be working today but they were all on the dam so rather than getting a landscape photo. I stood on the dam and got a portrait photo with the wall leading up and around the water with the fells surrounding the tarn.

Seathwaite Tarn 4
Seathwaite Tarn 4

The main reason I wanted to come back here was to get a photo of the Scafell range so I climbed the fell to the left of the tarn and looked for a composition of the full range that wouldn’t be distracting from the snowy fells. Unfortunately that made for a longer walk back in the dark but that didn’t really matter. I found some rocks to hide behind and waited for the light to change.  The sun kept lighting up patches on the fells highlighting the details.

Seathwaite Tarn 5
Seathwaite Tarn 5

I’d gotten pretty comfy here and had found that the sheltered area was helping with getting a sharper image so I stayed until the sun went down. The clouds rolled in over the tops too creating a slightly more moody image. I think I prefer the first one but it’s good to compare how quickly the day changes. Not sure if you can tell from the photos but it was bloody freezing here.

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