Landscape Photography In The Rain | Grizedale Forest, The Lake District

I’ve recently been having some problems with the microphone in my YouTube videos so I picked up a different microphone. To test it out I headed into Grizedale forest. It was raining so I figured it would be a good time to test it as it would be quite noisy and not the nicest conditions to be out in. Fortunately the conditions were what I wanted for some photographs though so everything timed out nicely. The plan was to get some creepy looking trees in the mist/rain

On the climb up into the woods I walked past a tree that I scouted out a few weeks ago. It looked like the lighting conditions might work for the scene I had in my head. Unfortunately the rain ruined almost all of the photographs and only the 1st attempt worked. My bad planning meant that my lens cloths were still in the washing up pile and my spare gloves didn’t work that well to dry the glass. I decided to leave this scene and move on to a drier location

I climbed up onto the road through the forest and spotted the road snaking down into the trees with the rain passing through. I liked the contrast on the path which made the light and dark areas stand out

I reached the spot in the woods which I was aiming for and set up the scene. It was a similar photo to what I photographed a few weeks ago but this time it looked a lot creepier. Occasionally the wind picked up and the rain hit the tops of the trees helping to make a moodier photo.

Whilst waiting for the light to change I wandered down the track to find a different composition. I liked how the dark area under the branches with the tree stumps stood out against the light on the right. The light was fading quickly here but I managed to get a photo before it was too dark

On the way back down I stopped at the first tree again. The light had gone a little bit softer and the rain wasn’t as heavy. I changed compositions to a landscape photo which was what I should of done to begin with and got a slightly creepy looking photo of the tree. This isn’t the picture I has in my head but maybe as winter comes the right conditions will turn up

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