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I’d just finished a job in barrow and there was still some light left so I headed over onto Walney to get some photos on the beach. I hadn’t been to this part before, I’m not even sure what it’s called but there were a lot of posts sticking out of the ground. I assume they’re something to do with boats as that’s what the area is known for but I couldn’t give any details on them

Here’s the views from the day

3 posts

Whilst making my way over the stones I spotted these posts with a pool of water underneath them, giving them a reflection and making them stand out more than the others. I used the 100mm to get a tighter crop and put the posts in the middle of the frame and used the 6 stop filter to blur out the water. After this I tried putting the posts on the left hand side but it made the image a bit boring and like I wasn’t sure about it. Sticking them in the middle meant they were definitely meant to be there.

walking through the sand


I quickly moved on as the light was changing. I’d found a composition whilst waiting for the long exposures but by the time I was ready the light had changed so I kept walking back to find something else. The footsteps initially looked like a bad thing as it messed up the flat sand but they provided a nice leading line down to the water

The posts on walney beach
The posts on walney beach

After getting the photos I went across to the other side of the posts. Initially starting down near the small posts and then walking back up to the larger ones. I liked how as they got smaller it created a triangle pointing downwards.

last light on walney beach
last light on walney beach

This felt like the best place to be for when the light finally went. Unfortunately the light didn’t improve with the sunset it just faded and got a but boring so I prefer the first photo. It was still a fun little detour though and it was a good use of the spare hour. I’m still not convinced I like long exposures but the 6 stop will stay in the bag for a little bit longer

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