Landscape Photography In The Lake District

Lake District Landscape Photography

The Lake District is a relatively small area when you see it on the map, but it is a huge area to explore when you start exploring, finding all the small interesting locations that it has to offer.

I often get questions from people who watch the YouTube channel asking for advice on the best locations in the Lake District and I’m always happy to help, we’ve all been in that situation where you go somewhere new and need pointing in the right direction, maybe its the Northerner in me, but it just seems right.

A Curious Baby Herdwick Sheep. Sunrise On Wastwater

I decided to put together some more detailed guides showing the best location for photography in the Lake District whilst highlighting a few things that matter to me when planning a trip, assuming that others have a similar approach;

The view at the location – Useful for planning your photographs as well as keeping an eye out for things that you could easily miss. The Lake District fells are full of history and there are mine workings/old buildings scattered around and you may want to see them.

The difficulty – I’ve tried to do all of these relative to the Lake District. A “challenging walk” here may be an easier one in a different location but hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect. I’ve gone more on the cautious side.

OS Map – If you’re heading up onto the fells you need to take a map. Batteries on phones die and then you’re stuck. Maps don’t run out of battery.
Each location has the grid coordinates and which map the location is on.

Wainwright – If there’s a Wainwright or outlying fell on the route you may want to bag it.

Closest town/village – Useful for if you’re staying in a location and looking for places to go. E.g if you’re staying in Keswick, you might want to go to Castlerigg stone circle.

Location Guides

This is about the 5th version of these guides that I’ve done over the years, starting out as blog posts or an interactive map but I don’t think they were good enough before. I’m happy with how these are coming together and it would be great to get your feedback!

Where’s your favourite places in the Lake District?

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