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Landscape Photography In Bad Conditions

Landscape Photography In Bad Conditions The Clouds Finally Lifted

My dad and I decided to try a new walk and headed up the Deepdale Valley near Patterdale and climbed up to St Sunday Crag, hoping to get views of the Helvellyn ridge line.

The conditions were pretty hit and miss  on the forecast but the morning looked promising, and we would maybe have to walk down in the rain. We decided that was ok and started the walk.

The bad conditions came in earlier than expected but they also add a bit of mood into the valley, which in some ways helped create some different images. One of my favourites from the walk up is of the farmer and his sheep dog, heading into the sheep to bring his flock back down towards the farm.

Once we made it up to the top, visibility was minimal and there was a faint mist of rain in the air so we bunkered down behind some rocks for ou dinner before heading up to the top. At the top , we bunkered down behind more rocks, hoping to see some signs a view. Unfortunately, the signs never arrived.

On the descent down towards Patterdale, Ullswater suddenly became clear as the sun tried to make an appearance. The clouds surrounded the water adding some draw to the scene whilst the sun added some light patches contrasting with the shadows in the valley. On the plus side,  Helvellyn was still capped in clouds meaning that we made the right call. the view wasn’t at the top, it was just below the clouds.




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