Landscape Photography On Coniston Old Man | Sunset. Stars & Snow

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Landscape Photography On Coniston Old Man | Sunset. Stars and Snow

I wasn’t sure where to go so I posted a couple of questions onto my Instagram story asking what people wanted to see

Sunset or Stars?
On top of a mountain or at the beach?

They picked Stars on top of a mountain. So either they like those things or they wanted to try and get rid of me. I’ve been up Coniston Old Man a few times for the sunset so I’m pretty used to doing that in the dark now so I figured that would be the best place to go

My original plan was to go up Dow Crag for the sunset and then go up to Coniston Old Man for the sunset as I figured there’d be a decent gap between the sunset to there being a sky full of the stars. Sat on top of a icy/snowy hill for an hour or so didn’t sound that fun.

This plan went out of the window when I realised the road up was already icy so I parked closer to Coniston so that I didn’t have the road on the back of my mind. This set me back 20-30 minutes but I don’t regret doing it. The new plan was to go up via Goats water, maybe get a sunset and then shoot the stars

Goats water at sunset portrait

By the time I got to goats water the sun was starting to set so I got up above the tarn and looked down the track with the edge of Dow crag adding some dark to the bright sunset

Goats water at sunset Landscape

The first composition was ok but I wanted to get more of Dow crag into the photo so I packed everything up, put my head down and got up the track. This has always been my least favourite part of the climb. It didn’t seem as bad this time though, I guess all the adventures lately have toughened my legs and lungs up.

A snow capped Coniston Old Man lit up by the moon light
A snow capped Coniston Old Man lit up by the moon light


From here I climbed up to the top of the old man. There was quite a bit of ice and snow at the top. Fortuntely there was a full moon which lit up the path so I made it all of the way up without having to use a torch.

I’d climbed up for the view over Dow crag but it was a bit too cloudy so I got a photo of the top of the old man instead. You got the snow leading up to the top with the cairn sticking out. Plus Coniston water with the moon lighting up the water. This wasn’t part of the plan but it worked out a lot better than the pictured I’d imaged. Totally worth climbing up for.

Dow crag under the stars
Dow crag under the stars

The wind had picked up though so I decided to go back down to Goats Hawse to get a photo of the track leading up to Dow crag. This was supposed to be a portrait – panorama image but I got my maths wrong and only covered enough space to make a square. It worked out well for the instagram photo though bringing it around in a full circle.

Goats water under the stars
Goats water under the stars

I decided to stop at Goats water again on the way down to get the water with the stars in the sky. There was a few more clouds in the sky than I would of liked but it was still fun to get a different look

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