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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Walking Through The Lake District Bluebells

I returned to sea wood near Ulverston to photograph the Bluebells and Wild garlic which should be out in full flower. It was a rainy afternoon which made the colours pop out more, although it did make taking the photographs a bit more difficult…

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The Start Of Spring In The Lake District

This day started out by going into the woods to try and photograph the deer walking through the bluebells. This plan didn’t really come together as there was no deer in the woods. The bluebells weren’t fully out in flower either so I returned a week or so later and tried again. The bluebells were there, the deer were not

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woodland photography in the mist 2

I’d scouted out some locations in Grizedale Forest a few weeks ago that I thought would be good in misty conditions so I went out to make the most of the weather

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Lake District Photography in the rain 5

Photographing Grizedale forest in the English Lake District in the rain

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Scouting new location 2

The first location I found was a track between the trees with the tree roots laying across the path with all of the leaves and pine needles surrounding it. The sun was coming and going so I waited until there was a few speckles of light in the scene to get a photo

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Track through the autumn trees
The Calm Before The Storm Autumn landscape photography   The forecast for the day was pretty terrible. A mixture of rain and fog, ending with 50-60mph winds. Out of the options rain and fog were the best times to be around giant logs that could crush you so I went into the woods in the
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