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Lake District Landscape Photography
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Scafell nd highest mountain in england

We started the walk in Eskdale and made our way up past Burnmoor tarn and then up onto Scafell. On the climb, we had views over Wastwater, Wasdale and Pillar. Near the top, the clouds surrounded us which didn’t look promising but fortunately, the clouds cleared and we had some great views.

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Coniston Old Man Dow Crag White Maiden. The Lake District

I put it to the vote on my Instagram page again and you wanted to see views from on top of Coniston Old Man, Dow Crag and the next hill on the horizon. After checking the map I realised it was called White Maiden. I’d never done it before so it looked like a good one to try.

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A snow capped Coniston Old Man lit up by the moon light

I wasn’t sure where to go so I posted a couple of questions onto my Instagram story asking what people wanted to see

Sunset or Stars ?
On top of a mountain or at the beach ?

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1 6Seconds

This was another trip out to experiment with the Lee little stopper. The weather wasn’t great, grey sky looking like it’s about to rain so I headed to a quarry which has a little water fall at the end, I was hoping that because I was at the top of the quarry looking down, the sky wouldn’t matter. My ankle is still playing up so there still wasn’t to much exploring in this video, hopefully it will be back to normal for when the decent weather returns.

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Banishead quarry. Coniston. The Lake District

I had a wander down to Banishead quarry near Coniston to experiment with some long exposures whilst my ankle was recovering from a sprain, the views were pretty nice for the short walk

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Walking The Sunset Skyline Through The Clouds. Dow Crag

I’ve been keeping my eye on the forecast lately for some decent weather to get up into the Lake District for some Landscape photography. Wednesday looked the most promising to me – No rain, some clouds. I’m not a huge fan of blue sky in photos so the clouds come in handy.

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Sunset and cloud inversion Dow crag and Coniston Old Man

I decided to head up to Coniston Old Man to work on my fitness a little, it’s a pretty easy climb but the views can be pretty special. It didn’t get off to the best start as I was climbing into the clouds but once on top. The mixture of cloud inversion and the sunset made it pretty amazing. Glad I took the torch as it’s a long walk down in the dark

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Brocken Spectre Over Goats Water. The Lake District

This was a last minute decision walk so I wasn’t too sure where to go. I flipped a coin between Coniston old man and Dow Crag. The coin chose Dow crag so I made my way up Walna Scar road and up towards Dow Crag.

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Dow Crag. The Lake District It's been a while since I last managed to do a decent sized walk so I decided to head to Coniston to go up the old man or Dow Crag. We recently got some snow in the Lake District so I wanted to make the most of that plus I
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Coniston Water and Bowfell
Coniston Water and Bowfell - 2016-10-25 The forecast looked promising so we got up early and headed to great Langdale to climb up Bowfell. On the way past Coniston water, we noticed the mist rising on the water and pulled in to take in the views. We carried on then started out ascent of Bowfell
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