Side Pike

A Herdwick Sheep Under The Langdale Pikes. The Lake District

Side Pike. The Lake District

A relatively short climb with big views. I usually start from down at Blea tarn and walk around the edge of the water and up to the cattlegrid at the top of the valley. Cross the road and follow the path up to the top.

I didn’t think this was that scramble-y the first time I climbed it but it seems a lot worse when you decide to take someone there for a little wander… On the ascent the views of the Langdale Pikes will keep on getting better and better, there are quite big drops on the sides so you get to look right down into the valley floor.

If you turn around you will look down onto Blea Tarn. The hill to the left is Lingmoor Fell. The hills behind the Blea tarn are Wetherlam/the Coniston Range, Crinkle Crags, Pike O’ Blisco and Bowfell. You can see a lot for a short walk.

There are big drops at the top so don’t get too close to the edge.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can walk down via the fat man’s agony, but there’s a different page for that.

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