Helm Crag

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The Lions Back Helm Crag. The Lake District

Helm Crag. The Lake District

Helm Crag is a fell near Grasmere with great views over Grasmere, Easedale Tarn, the tops of the Langdale Pikes and the surrounding fells. At the top of the 405m climb is a rock formation that is locally known as the Lion and the Lamb. The big rock looks vaguely like a lion and small one looks vaguely like a lamb, up close they look like rocks but they’re still pretty impressive up close and you get to walk up the Lions back.

Another rock formation at the top is called the Howitzer becuase it looks a bit like a canon? I have a pretty good imagination but again all I see is a rock.

From the top, you can look down onto Grasmere village with the Fairfield horse to the left. On the right-hand side, you will see a tarn, this is Easedale tarn and poking out above the surrounding fells is the Langdale Pikes.

I usually start in Grasmere village and then zigzag my way up to the top, it’s a fairly gradual climb with plenty of opportunities to take in the view on the way up.

Difficulty: Moderate

OS Map: South East
OS Grid Ref: NY 32651 09349
Latitude: 54° 28′ 30″ N
Longitude: 3° 2′ 26″ W

Best time of the day to go here: All day

Best time of the year to visit: All year round

Parking: Grasmere

Places close by: Easedale Tarn

Nearest town/village: Grasmere

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