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The Most Instagrammable Places In The Lake District

The Best Locations For Instagram Lake District

The Best Places To Take Instagram Photos In The Lake District


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The Lake District is filled with amazing locations which make great subjects for landscape photographs. I have a large range of Lake District photographs which made it difficult to narrow it down to my favourites, but here are a some locations I would recommend.

There’s something for all ability levels; photograph from the car, short walks and more experienced walks. I also have free landscape photography location guides which go into more depth.


Wastwater is in my opinion, the best view in the Lake District. For minimal physical effort you get maximum views.

From the car you can get amazing views up into the screes which line the side of Wastwater and up towards the mountains at the end of the water.

If you get out of the car, you can go for a short walk along the waters edge to get an even better view, capturing a close up look at the water. On a clear day, you often get reflections which help to show off the amazing scenery even more.


All Wastwater Photographs

Coniston Old Man

This is one of my favourite fells to climb in the Lake District and it offers a wide range of natural elements as well as man made with the old mine buildings and cables.

From the top you get amazing views out across Coniston Water on one side. Down onto Low Water, across to the Scafell range and if you’re lucky. You can get views across to the Isle of Man if you look across beyond Dow Crag.

One of my most memorable walks up here was for a sunset, when a cloud inversion surrounded the tops of the hills and offering up some amazing views.


Coniston Old Man Photographs

The Langdale Valley

The Langdale Valley is filled with awesome views, often without the need to walk very far.

Blea tarn is a popular location with great views up into the iconic Langdale Pike skyline where the mountains create a camels back like ridge.

The Langdale Pikes are a great walk if you are more experienced and want to get the views looking down into the valley.

The valley is great in all weather conditions. Obviously it’s nicer when it’s sunny, but the Lakes weather can add to the drama.


All Langdale Photographs

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Helvellyn is for the more experienced walkers. The views looking down the famous Striding edge ridge can offer some amazing photographs. It does come with a large consequence though as falling can be fatal.

You don’t have to climb the ridges though, there are more gentle climbs from the Thirlmere side of Helvellyn. You get the same view at the top without the risk factor of falling.

I’ve climbed Helvellyn countless times, but my favourites have been winter on climbs with my dad. Red tarn was covered in a layer of ice, which had broken up creating a jigsaw pattern on top.

A warmer walk was for a sunrise, sitting on Swirrel edge watching the sunrise up over Striding edge.

All Helvellyn Photographs

Fleetwith Pike

Fleetwith Pike is probably more recogniseable from photos from Buttermere looking up into the mountains. For some reason, I haven’t really done that photo. My preference is to climb up to the top and look down.

From the top of Fleetwith Pike you get an awesome view of Buttermere and Crummock water. Ideally you get clear views all day, but usually the weather makes the rules and you may only get seconds. But they’re really good seconds.



All Fleetwith Pike Photographs

The River Brathay

The River Brathay is a great short walk between Skelwith Bridge and Elterwater. The river snakes its way through the fields where a path follows the waters edge (for the most part).

It’s a great place for a picnic, where you can look over the water and fields up into the iconic Langdale Pikes.

This is one of my favourite Lake District locations in Autumn as the colours change in the trees on the waters edge.

All River Brathay Photographs

Coniston Water

I admit, this may be a biased opinion as Coniston Water is one of the closest places for me to get to in the Lake District.

The water offers amazing views by itself as the waters edge is surrounded by fields, trees and the Lake District fells. The most famous fells you can see from here is the Coniston Old Man range of hills.

What ever the weather, you can always get something here. Even on low visibility days, I love it here.

Coniston Water Photographs

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