How To Take BETTER Photographs In Windy Conditions

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Winter is coming and that means so is the stronger winds. Here are some of the techniques I use to get better landscape photographs in tough conditions

Use a tripod

A solid base for your camera is going to increase your chances at getting a sharp image plus it allows you to fine-tune your composition.

Some tripods allow you to hang a weight from the centre column allowing you to get an even sturdier base.

Block the wind

This is common sense but blocking the wind will give you a better chance at getting a sharp image.

I use my body and put my back to the wind protecting the camera. You could use an umbrella, but they may break and it’s another thing to carry.

Block the wind get better photos

Use your body

Using the same principle as a tripod you can use your body to create a solid base allowing you to use longer shutter speeds, get a better composition and generally be more sturdy.


With your camera in your hands, place your elbows onto your stomach. This makes you smaller so there’s less for the wind to push.

Then bring your camera up to your face and you will want to squeeze quite hard, tense your back and your arms. It will probably feel uncomfortable but you’ll get over it. I have found this technique allows you to get sharper images a lot more consistently, plus it’s free

Lock your arms in get better landscape photos

Find shelter

Depending on where you are, you may be able to find natural shelter up on the mountains. These usually come in the shape of a rock.

This is an option I didn’t mention in the video as it’s a compromise on the composition, a last resort for if nothing else works.



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