How To Display Pictures and Photographs

Lake District Landscape Photography Prints

How To Display Pictures and Photographs

Displaying photos and pictures on a wall can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to make the most of your artwork

Choose the right photograph(s)

You can’t polish a turd. Start with a picture that you like.

This is all personal preference, but my walls are filled with landscape photographs from around the Lake District (big surprise, I know). It’s nice to have little reminders dotted around the house for the days when adventures can’t be had.

We have amazing views in this area of the Lake District fells, mountains, water and little details such as the Herdwick sheep.

Choose something that interests YOU. You’re going to see the pictures a lot so choose something you like having around. 

This may be something that inspires you to get out more, or it may take you back to a fond memory. Choose a photograph that makes you think.


Choose a theme

The great thing about getting smaller prints is that you can get an affordable piece of artwork that takes you back to one of your favourite days out on its own.

It also gives you the opportunity to build up a collection and make a wall display of photographs that all fit under one theme.

For example, you may like the Herdwick sheep. You could get a single stand alone piece or get a few different photographs of Herdwick sheep around the Lake District and make a feature wall.

Frame Mockup Kit Extended – CC 2

Go Big

Filling a wall with an amazing view is a great way to catch peoples attention. The photograph will make a great conversation starter.

I got my brother a photograph of the Priest’s Hole for his birthday – not a view many people in London see that often, but it gets the questions flowing.

One of the stories my brother passed on was that one of his friends had a stag do inside the cave that was in the photo. That conversation wouldn’t have happened without the picture above the stairs.


Go Small

Sometimes, smaller is better. A little bit of inspiration above your desk at work, letting you know that the weekend adventures are on there way soon.

Or maybe you’re stuck at the crossroads and you need a little reminder to just make the decision already.


Use Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are one the most affordable ways of getting a wide range of artwork for less money.

Our Lake District cards are £2.50 each or 5 for £10.

5 bits of artwork for a tenner is a bargain.

You could create a feature wall using a mixture of the cards to build a scene.

Or you could place the cards around the house


  • On the mantle piece
  • On the table
  • At your work desk
  • On your book shelf
  • Somewhere totally random in your house


Lake District Greeting Card Reflections On Wastwater

Make the pictures your own

These are just a few of the ideas that I like to use when displaying my own photographs, but it doesn’t mean these are the only way.

I offer both poster prints and framed prints giving you the option to add your own personal style.

You might find frames a bit too formal, maybe a collage of poster prints is more your style


I would love to see how you display your artwork. Please contact me with your favourites!


Which is your favourite?

Lake District Landscape Photography Prints & Greeting Cards


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