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Holme Fell

In search of a new location for the Lake District photography guides, I decided to head to an area that I haven’t explored that much in between Coniston and The Langdales.

Holme Fell is a hill with great views across to the Langdale Pikes and down onto Coniston water. Here are some of the views from the walk plus a video on my YouTube channel

Join me on the walk up Holme Fell in the behind the scenes landscape photography vlog. I show you the walk up and the process behind the landscape photographs

The walk started down at Yewtree tarn and I followed the path around the water’s edge and through the trees. The sun was backlighting the trees highlighting the grass seeds on the ground and also the leaves high up in the trees whilst turning the trunks into large silhouettes contrasting with the sunlight.

The sunlight created a mixture of light patches and shadows on the path leading through the long grass creating a checkerboard effect on the ground. Initially, I liked the above composition but after looking around a little bit more getting directly in front of the shadows worked better.

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I liked how the shadows created bold lines leading towards me cutting through the fallen branches and sunny patches leading you towards the tall trees and Holme Fell in the distance. Same trees with a slightly different composition made a totally different photograph.

Once near the top, the view of the Langdale Pikes opened up. In the foreground, you could see the heather starting to flower then the trees down on the valley floor. The sun was behind the clouds casting the occasional bit of light onto the distant fells.

On the way across to the Cairn on Holme Fell, the view of the disused reservoir opens up. The tarn is surrounded by the trees creating adding a nice subtle touch to contrast with all of the green

At the top of Holme Fell, the view down onto Coniston Water appears. To the left, you can see the trees at Monk Coniston surrounded by the farm fields, with Coniston water disappearing off into the distance. I liked how the shadow on the left looked similar to the shape of the trees above.

I found a lone tree in amongst the heather and bracken near the top of the fell so I swapped over to a portrait image and filled the frame more with Coniston Water.

I wasn’t 100% sure which mound was the top of Holme fell but so I climbed all of the peaks to make sure I had actually got to the top. This was from the highest point but I don’t think it had the best view. The valley floor was more visible, with the road snaking around TIlberthwaite but I preferred the view from lower down.

I dropped back down to where the view of the tarn was the clearest and waited around for the light to change. I decided to try a different composition this time and included the mound on the right with the track leading from where I was stood, up onto the peak. The softer light created a soft shadow helping to highlight the path.

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